Data Science and the ability to employ meaningful data analytics is essential to competitiveness and relevance for all businesses in the digital age. Businesses that collect, analyse and interpret data to create and build process and strategies experience exponential benefits to their operations and ultimately their bottom line.

Data Science is continuously evolving, it is fundamental to digital transformation; it can be applied to create the simple automation of operational tasks, drive insights and shape marketing & communications, or be the catalyst to ground-breaking research and innovation that can be applied to medical science, aerospace and nearly every facet of business. Data science professionals are an integral part of brand, business, public policy & agencies and NFP organisations.

Typical roles:

The roles we typically support in the field of Data Science and Advanced Analytics support all elements of business, in particular communications, operations, and innovations; our candidates have varying levels of specialisms in areas such as; Python, R, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Image Recognition.

For Data Science, candidates tend to have higher education specializing in quantitative fields such as Mathematics, Physics or Computer Science and other specialities such as Linguistics or Computer/Machine Vision fields. Other technical skills include Python, C++ and various Machine Learning techniques, to name a few.

Digital / Marketing Analytics & Insights

The Marketing world is more exciting than ever, with advanced Analytics generating greater depth and accuracy of Insights from data analysis, marketing teams can now accurately measure, analyze and manage all strategic decisions to optimize performance and ROI. Future customer generation, investment decisions and marketing campaigns can be determined through highly accurate statistical data analysis, revealing detailed insights to win your target audience.

Core skills and experience includes advanced use of SQL along with a statistical analytics tool such as R, Python or SAS. As well as the technical skills, it is now just as important for the individual to be able to talk through their findings and consult the marketing team on which insights are relevant to business objectives.

Job titles and specialisms that Capstone Hill Search supports include:

Data Science

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Engineers
  • AI Engineers
  • NLP Engineers / Specialists
  • Computer Vision Engineers


  • Digital Media Analytics
  • Web Analytics, CRO and Digital Marketing Optimization
  • Creative, Social & Audience Insights
  • Data Strategy
  • Digital Research


  • Customer Insights
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Campaign Management
  • Data Strategy