Integrated Marketing strategies have become a critical piece of all brands marketing plans in the 21st Century. In order to reach customers brands have unified their marketing and communications messaging and campaigns across both the digital and physical experiences. Recent events have expedited the adoption of new digital technologies as brands compete to capture their audience’s attention at all touchpoints of the marketing cycle.

As more and more brands adopt an integrated strategy to communicate with their customers digital marketing methodologies will continue to drive businesses forward and play a critical role in all future brand marketing and communications initiatives.

Job titles and specialisms that Capstone Hill Search supports include:

Account Based Marketing

  • UX Research and Design
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Production
  • Experience Design and Innovation
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Account Management
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Media buying & planning
  • Business Development
  • Marketing Manager
  • Director/Head of Marketing
  • CMO


  • UX
  • Digital strategy
  • Integrated marketing
  • Media buying & planning