Every year the spirit of London come together on the 22nd of April better known as Earth Day for the Virgin London Marathon. This year our very own Mo Farah will attempt to smash the British world record of 2hr 7min 13 sec held by Steve Jones. By the time this blog is live we will know if this record has been broken and I will have completed the hardest run of my life.

Team work

Lets take it back, any form of sport related training teaches us from an early age, the key skills which we will utilise for the rest of our lives, scary right? Think back to your earliest memory perhaps during primary school in PE when you we’re patiently awaiting your name to be selected for the team. Then your name was called and you felt your first sense of belonging. Being apart of that team would have taught you to motivate and encourage others, especially when they we’re struggling.

Five types of people you want to surround yourself with: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful and the open minded.

Back to now, teamwork in a working environment couldn’t be more vital in our generation. If you have the correct support in any scenario you will thrive. Think of your current team, who is your inspiration and why? It could be they simply have a great personality or are always positive. Whatever it is, learn from them and develop your own way of working within a team. There is no wrong or right answer but once you have figured it out, a team that works together succeeds together. I truly believe if you surround yourself with positive people you will have a positive outlook. One of the main reasons I joined Capstone Hill Search in November 2017 was the sense of togetherness from my very first drinks before I’d even accepted the role!


Set yourself personal goals, every day these will teach you the value of hard work, commitment and dedication very much like training for a marathon. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying everyone needs to run a marathon to find themselves - but I did. I have ran over 280 miles across a 15 week training programme from honesty not even a 5k base which have enabled me to channel, focus and adapt.

Cancer Research UK

This Sunday I run this year’s London Marathon on behalf of the incredible Cancer Research UK, something I’ve wanted to do from the age of 7. Your outlet could be something completely different, you just have to find it. Once you’ve found it, develop it and incorporate the things you learn along the way into your work, you’ll see a change I promise you.