You’ve been on the job market for a while, and now you’ve just received word from HR that your resume made the cut and you’re invited for an interview. This is your opportunity to shine, to sell yourself but also make a positive impression. This interview can mean the difference between the door opening, and the door slamming shut in your face!

For interviews, in particular, it can be easy to spend all your energy focusing on the big picture, but it’s equally important to know the ins and out of interviewing etiquette. As a recruiting search firm, we’ve seen it all, from candidates calling the company by the wrong name to showing up late. Here are some do’s & don’ts tips we’ve designed to help you create a memorable interview.


Come prepared

Interviews can be stressful and mundane, however, you know what else can make an interview stressful, lack of preparation. Find out what the press is saying about your company, and follow it on social media to get a sense of its persona. What campaigns is it working on? What are the department’s biggest strengths, and where would your experience fit in? Study the most commonly asked job interview questions, and prepare your responses in advance, customized to each employer, that way you’ll come across confident and prepared.

Turn off your phone

Checking your phone during an interview sends the message that you don’t respect the interviewer’s time. Don’t play yourself and put it on silent, just shut it down completely.

Write a Thank You Note

Thank you note are a very important part of the process that candidates often overlook. It is crucial to express your appreciation for the opportunity of meeting the interviewers and their team. In fact, most hiring managers pay very close attention to how rapidly and well you write a thank you note.

Be composed

Most find interviewing a stressful or even intimidating process, yet presenting as calm and composed can often be the difference in a successful outcome. Basic meditation and visualization techniques can help tremendously; remind yourself that you can be no worse off after the interview than before. Also take time to remind yourself that the interviewer ultimately wants you to succeed, that’s why they are taking the time to meet with you!


Show up late to the interview

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do in an interview, is showing up late. It leaves a bad impression on your future employer and it also shows that you don’t care for their time. Allocate time, consider potential travel delays, and take into account that you'll likely want a few minutes to situate yourself, gain that composure, organize your notes, and maybe use the restroom.

Speak Poorly of Past Employers

Yes, at some point in our career we all have dealt with a terrible boss or a negative Nancy. Like any challenges you will face in the workspace, it is how you rise to the situation that determines your character. Instead, when asked about your work environment, focus on the most positive aspects of the job and the people. Complaining about a previous employer usually indicates you not ready to take responsibility and blame others for your failures.

Be Desperate

Hiring managers are interested in candidates that are passionate about the role and company. When you sound desperate and say, “ I’ll do anything” you are sending a red flag. Instead, focus your search based on your skill and what you’re passionate about. Focus on what you can offer the employer, how will you add to their business?