Back in February (2015), San Francisco hosted the In2 Innovation Summit, an event focusing on innovation, disruption and evolution in PR and Comms. There was a lot to absorb, but it was well worth attending. Firstly, to keep Capstone Hill Search updated about industry trends and also to meet perspective clients as well as catch-up with familiar faces.

There were discussions, panels and presentations and it was great to see the number of brands engaging in more innovative conversations with their customers. One continued theme throughout the event was big data and analytics - how business can evaluate big data in a more efficiently way was the hot topic.

Starbucks head of global communications Corey DuBrowa talk on: ‘Building Advocacy From the Inside Out’ was particularly thought provoking as he highlighted Starbuck’s attempts to tackle some very poignant social topics. Aaron Sherinian of the United Nations walked us through The UN’s plans for 2015 and the trend of Global Philanthrorevolution - this was the highlight of the event.

From a networking point of view, attending events like this is great for meeting potential new clients and running into existing friends of Capstone Hill Search. The In2 Summit wasn’t different! The simplest way to network is to talk to as many people as possible, make yourself available, keep updated on the market and finally, despite all the technology we have, the traditional business card is still very helpful!

The 2015 event had clearly grown since last year and it will continue to do so, the location of San Francisco lends well to the subject matter. Events like In2 Summit are essential to keep us updated not just on the PR market, but about trends in business I am already looking forward to the next one!